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Saturday, October 06, 2007

What to Do if Someone Copies Your Post?

I saw my part of my post Things To Look For In Daycare posted on
and they claim they are the original poster! I also have noticed that they have part of over 100 blog posts from different people on their site. They have adsense, auction ads and other advertisers on their site. I am not giving them a link back so you have to copy it and paste it, but in the mean time I am going through the necessary steps.

Since there is no contact us form, I contacted the company that they are hosting on. I also sent questions to some of the top bloggers to see if they can give me some guidance and explain how someone can create a blog that doesn't have any original work? Next I will contact their advertisers. In technorati, they have posts that link back to alot of other blogs sites. I wonder if they know about this? I am sure they are violating alot of rules with advertisers and wordpress. Since I love to research, I will get to the bottom of this.

Check technorati and see if any of your post are listed here because there are alot.


Supermom said...

It is annoying and they think its okay to steal by linking where the original content came from. I hope you get a response from wordpress because their whole blog is stolen content.

Ginene said...

Exactly! And they have a subscribe to reader for the posts too.

barriotikman said...

This is really a very sensitive issue that needs to be addressed. You have made a great service by taking the initiative to act on it. Keep us posted.

James said...

I looked at the site you sent in MyBlogLog. I would think that Tecnorati would be the most interested in copyright infringement.
There are probably millions of sites similar to this though. There are programs that will build sites like this automatically. I would not be surprised if there are other subdomains on the domain with similar content.
BTW, his Alexa rating seems to very good now.

Jay Tee said...

Saw your post Ginene

Here's another one of those blog...
I was doing a random search on google on my posts and a fair bit of them ended up on this guy's blog as well...whats more?!... he gets the number 1 spot during the search on google!


Ginene said...

Yeah I received some responses back and they said to file a dmca notice. So that is going to be my next step. I will definitely keep everyone posted.