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Friday, October 19, 2007

Another Changing My Template Attempt

Ok so by now you can tell that I don't know HTML. Yes that is one of my weaknesses besides Kryptonite. :) Today I will be attempting to change my blog template once again. The last time I did it, the whole right side disappeared and I had to manually add ever link back in one by one. Arggggggggh! That was very time consuming. So you know I will be saving this before I make any changes. Wish me luck and give me some feedback. Right now its this ugly green like color but I will try my best. Hope I don't mess up this time.


Ashley said...

I feel your pain. I was having the same problem with My Mrsz06's Thought spot blog. I tried for 2 weeks to change the template and nothing worked. I decided to keep the template I had.

TerryG said...

I came here from Pro Blogger after reading your comment. Yes I did click you know what, wink, wink. I agreed with your post to by the way. Suffer the same difficulties you do.

Anyway, I do not mind the color scheme, its fine. Different than black on white, I say leave it.

TerryG at "teenager anger management"

Ginene said...

Thanks. I am trying to make it wider. I don't know how to fix any of this stuff.

Sharon said...

Hey Ginene.

It's still green?

Ginene said...

Yelp. LOL. I gave up! Hehehe. Oh well. :)