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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Married Moms Who Feel Single

What is the difference between single moms taking care of kids and married moms taking care of kids? Absolutely nothing. Even though you're married, your husband expects you to do everything by yourself regardless if you both work or not. Why is your wife sitting home alone with the kids while you are out hanging in the streets like you're single. Women are not the only ones who knows how to cook, clean and take care of the kids. Believe it or not men can too but most just choose not too. When your wife talks to you about her day, listen. You would be surprised how much happier your marriage would be if you just take the time and listen.

If you are a man, do you help your wife?


Wanda said...

Very well put. These days there are a greater number of men out there that do help out.
In fact more than in the days when the most women stayed at home and did all the homemaking chores and the men went out to work.
However the share of homemaking duties is still inequitable in most homes.

Ginene said...

I agree. My husband helps me out sometimes but he definitely points out all the time that its a woman's job. I only know of a few woman who husband helps them out equally.

Sharon said...

Ginene, when my husband and I first bought our place, I was so worried that I'd have to do everything. And for a little while I did.

Now, Lem surprises me with dinner, roses. Even does the laundry.

I guess I don't know if I should be posting this up. I'm really not sure if he wants the rest of the world to know.....

Or his mom :)

Ginene said...

Wow Sharon that is great! He'd be happy to hear you bragging about him. :)

Sharon said...

So, maybe I spoke too soon. I hate coming home to a mess. He does have his moments, and today is it.

Ginene said...

LOL. Hahahahaa. Oh well at least he tries. There are some who doesn't try at all.

Anonymous said...

I think you raise a very interesting argument indeed. I see this type of mess all of the time and it really does get under my skin.

What it boils down to is that men need to really do a better job at taking a part in raising the family. There can be nothing good if the mother is the constant caregiver in the household when the father may be just as capable of doing what she does.

A husband that shares the domestic duties with his wife is also setting a great example for his children; especially his boys. Because most husbands feel they are exempt from helping around the house, the little boys grow up thinking they can be the same way, so a vicious cycle is started that can only die out with that generation of men. Hopefully we as men can end this cycle and do what we can to show our wives that we are in fact there to help in every aspect of the relationship.
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Ashley said...

Great post Ginene. Although I don't have children and only have a part time job my hubby seems to think I should do everything. I always tell him I'm your wife not your maid, there is a difference. And if you are going to treat me like a maid I want a RAISE!!!!

Ginene said...

I agree Ashley! You can't say you're a millionaire but your spouse isn't. Men need to realize that if they are the breadwinner they still need to respect their wives.