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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Breast Cancer Walk

Today my mother and I participated in the Breast Cancer Walk. It was really cool going out there to support Breast Cancer Survivors like my mom. We didn't complete the whole walk but we did walk a mile. That was the longest mile, whew! LOL. I look like I am in shape but actually I'm not. I need to walk a mile more often. Anyway I hope you can show your support by participating in a walk or contributing to the Breast Cancer cause.


Anonymous said...

I have done a few breast cancer walks for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. My ex-girlfriend whom is one of my closest friends now, is an avid breast cancer walker. She recently did a multi-mile walk here in DC area a few weeks ago. I always donate to her walks.

It amazes me how our president has the audacity to seek $49 billion to fund this on-going war, but we have yet to find a cure for some of our deadliest illnesses that take thousands of lives every year.
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Ginene said...

Yes this disease kills lives daily. I hope they get a cure soon.