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Monday, November 05, 2007

Living Green Tips

Turn lights off when leaving the room. As silly as this may sound, it actually saves alot on using unecessary energy. If you get in the habit of doing this daily, you will notice a difference on your electric bill.

Turn the computer off when not in use and unplug it. Even if you are not using it, the computer uses alot of energy.

Use natural light. Don't you like the sun? If you turn off the lights when you first wake up and let the sun in, you will actually feel better. You will really feel much better when you see your electric bill start shrinking before your eyes. Try it out. It wont cost you anything to try but it will cost you if you don't try. :)


Anonymous said...

i am all for 'green living'. i was reading an article on a airline issued magazine while flying back to d.c. the other night and the first 'green' skyscraper will be in manhattan and it will be a 'bank of america' building and will open in 2009. there is also a 'green' exotic car that was launched by a start-up company in silicon valley. 'green' is everywhere and the movement should definitely help the environment.

it is amazing how we spend so much time destroying our beautiful planet and then try to fix the problem in a short period of time. only time will tell if all of the efforts will be successful.
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Ginene said...

I agree. I really wonder how much of a difference this will make. It doesn't hurt trying though.