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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Privatephone Shutting Down

If you have been using Private Phone for your voice mail messages or free phone service, it will be shutting down effective December 15, 2007. This was really a great service because you could give this number out to telemarketers or when filling out contests and not have to worry about them calling your house but now it is coming to an end.

You can still get free services through GrandCentral which includes the free voicemail and call screening and forwarding your phone to ring at any destination you want and you can send your telemarketers to spam. This by far is the best service but it is by invite only but you can get yourself on a waiting list.

Here are some other services that offer free or low cost services.

Aim Phone Line

CallWave Free Trial - Click Here!

Get rid of your fax machine.  Try RingCentral

Internet Phone Service

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